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PMP Forums – Join online forums for help with your PMP Studies

Online forums are one of the best sources of information you have at your disposal today. You will have access to extremely valuable suggestions, opinions and information on these forums and they often provide you with specific examples and personal experiences which will help guide you in your quest for knowledge and instruction/s. Let’s look at some of the benefits….

Will help in understanding the PM (Project Management) Concept

Most of them might be wondering, why and how is it beneficial? It is because these online forums can actually help you prepare for your exam. If you are facing any issues understanding a specific project management concept, there could be someone on these online forums who can elaborate or explain it in such a way that could help you understand the concept better. Likely chances are that they ran into the same problem during the course of their own studies. This will save you a lot of time and hard work. The good thing about this is “instead of just memorizing” you will understand the concept.

Post questions on Specific PMP Exam Prep Topics and get Advice

You could use these internet forums in several ways to your advantage. The different methods you use will depend on the specific type of information you are looking for. This may include asking specific questions, for example: using a “search and scan” technique for additional or more detailed information or even soliciting advice on specific PMP Exam Prep topics. You will find many Project Managers (who are Project Management Professionals in their own right) are active participants in these types of forums. They are normally open to answering your specific questions, willing to provide you with information searching tips, and also enjoy sharing information from their own experiences to PMP certification.

Get answers to Specific PMP Exam info from different Project Managers

If you wish to post/ask a specific question concerning preparation for the exam, most online forums have an easy-to-follow process to submit your question. The best part about this is that you are most likely to receive answers from different Project Managers, who may offer a variety of perspectives and experiences. This will help you in selecting the best answer from the lot as it pertains to your specific question/situation.

“Search and Scan” – Targeting your specific PM Exam Question

For self-starters who prefer to do their own research, online forums can make this very easy. All or most of these online forums include a strong search engine for you to quickly “search and scan” the forum content to find the information that you are specifically looking for. Since you will be reviewing online forums specific to PMP Exam Prep, your search will be that much more targeted

Get advice on the best way to complete the PMP application process

Great thing about this online forums is that - you will find participants on these forums who have already finished the entire study process for the exam and/or PMP’s who have successfully passed the exam. One of the major reasons these PMPs spend their time on these forums is to help aspiring PMPs become successful so that they too can use these skills to give back to their local communities.

The PMP application process can be very tedious and time-consuming and is probably the most difficult part of the entire certification. Forum members will give advice on the best way to complete the process, sometimes by providing templates and tools to make this process easy for you. You will find expert advice on how to properly complete the PMP application process.

Preparing for the PMP Exam – Find some “Do’s and Don’ts”

Find advice on how to study for the PMP exam in online forums. There is a wealth of information on these forums about specific study tools such as PMP Exam Prep courses, books and guides, audio/visual aids, tips and tricks, and the all-important exam simulation practice questions. You will learn exactly what happens from the moment you walk into the exam room until you leave - from the point of view of someone who has actually been there. PMPs could also suggest the best time to take the exam, as well as letting you know the specific “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of effective exam preparation.

As you can see, there are many benefits to participating in PMP Exam Prep internet forums that will help you prepare for the exam, take the exam and successfully pass the exam in your first attempt by preparing yourself using above tips. You must be wondering as to - how can these forums can help you after you have successfully passed the exam and obtained your PMP certificate from the Project Management Institute (PMI)? By actively participating in these forums during the exam preparation stage, you would have established and grown your Project Management network base, which will lead you to many opportunities - both personal and professional growth in the discipline of Project Management.


We are sure and it is obvious that by joining a PMP Exam Prep internet forum you will save both time and money, avoid frustration, and be thoroughly prepared for successfully passing the PMP Exam. Then it will be your turn as a PMP and an internet forum participant to pass on your knowledge and experience to future generations of aspiring Project Managers.

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