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Personality plays a big role in the types of job/s one is best suited for. A new research from CareerBuilder and Emsi found that "PERSUADERS" - employees who are confident, outgoing and comfortable with risky situations – are usually found in business-oriented careers.
If you’re competitive and love the thrill of the hunt, if you were the kid who could convince your parents to get a pet — you probably have some strong persuasive genes," Rob Sentz, chief innovation officer of Emsi, said in a statement. Fortunately, there are several jobs where this ability is key.
To help those looking for work, CareerBuilder and Emsi compiled the 10 best persuader jobs the labor market needs based on their current number of jobs, growth over the past seven years and high annual salaries. All of the positions on the rankings have more than 200,000 current jobs and average annual salaries of at least $88,000. 
Nearly all of the jobs on this year's list are leadership positions and require at least a bachelor's degree. Of the 10 best jobs for persuaders, eight have a manager title.
Let’s take a look at this year's 10 best jobs for persuaders:
1.       Operations Manager: 
Operations managers form policies, manage daily operations and plan the use of materials within a business. There are currently 2.25 million operations manager jobs in the U.S., making it the 11th largest occupation group in the country. There are nearly 250,000 new operations manager jobs since 2011. Operations managers earn between $68,000 and $151,000 a year.
2.       IT Manager: 
IT managers plan and coordinate computer-related activities, determine company IT goals and implement computer systems to meet those goals. There are currently 366,000 IT managers in the U.S. There are 56,000 new IT manager jobs since 2011. They earn between $106,000 and $167,000.
3.       Financial Manager: 
Financial managers produce financial reports, direct investment activities and develop strategies to reach the financial goals of a company. There are currently 565,000 financial managers in the U.S. There have been 43,000 new financial manager jobs added in last six year. They earn between $89,000 and $163,000.
4.       Sales Manager: 
Sales managers oversee the sales representatives within a business: assigning sales territories, setting sales goals and establishing training programs. There are currently 381,000 sales managers in the U.S. and they’ve grown by 38,000 since 2011. Their annual salary is between $80,000 and $163,000.
5.       Personal Financial Advisor: 
Personal financial advisors use analytical skills to sort through various money matters, and persuasive skills to help people with things like investments, mortgages and taxes. There are currently 215,000 personal financial advisors in the U.S., and since 2011, 36,000 new jobs have been added. They make between $61,000 and $152,000 a year.
6.       Construction Manager 
Construction Managers plan, coordinate, budget and oversee large building projects. There are currently 254,000 construction manager jobs in the U.S. Over the last six years, construction manager jobs have increased by 35,000. Their annual salaries are between $69,000 and $116,000 a year.
7.      Sales representatives (wholesale & manufacturing), technical and scientific products: 
There are currently 350,000 of these sales representatives in the U.S., with 32,000 new jobs added since 2011. They earn between $55,000 and $109,000 a year.
8.      Medical and Health Services Manager: 
Managers are in charge of planning, directing and coordinating medical and health services. There are 332,000 medical and health services managers in the U.S. These positions have grown by 31,000 since 2011. They have annual salaries of between $76,000 and $123,000 a year.
9.      Administrative services managers:  
Administrative services managers run the administration side of a business. They buy supplies, monitor records, budget for equipment and make sure the facility stays secure and well maintained. There are 290,000 of these managers in the U.S., with 28,000 jobs since 2011. They make between $66,000 and $114,000 a year.
10.  Marketing managers: 

Marketing managers estimate demand for an organization’s products, identify potential markets and generate interest in those products. There are 207,000 marketing managers in the U.S., with 27,000 new jobs since 2011. Their annual salary is between $97,000 and $174,000.

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