Friday, 24 March 2017

Factors that could affect Project Manager PMP salary

As with most jobs, there are many factors and criteria that can affect a PMP project manager’s salary. According to sites like Pay Scale, Glassdoor and the PMI website, there are several variables:

Years of Experience: A PMP certified project manager with five and ten years of experience will make an average of $25,000 (approx.) more than one who has been working under five years. Someone with more than ten years’ experience will, in turn, make an additional $15,000 (approx.)

Industry: As discussed above, some fields like technology and insurance/finance pay more than non-profit’s or travel industry project manager PMP positions.

Supply and Demand: As with any workforce skill set, there can be a glut in one area and a shortage in another. In India, for example, a sharp increase in the demand for PMP project manager’s means that professionals in the field there, are making 45 percent more than their counterparts who lack certification.

Geography inside the U.S.: Salary ranges are higher for PMP project manager’s in big cities and along the West and Northeast coasts, according to some popular websites. In Washington, D.C., PMP’s can make upwards of $130,000 a year.

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