Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Transition from IT Project LEAD to MANAGEMENT

When a mid-career IT help desk professional with significant experience and an interest in management, asks how to make the shift from senior contributor/team lead to an outright management position? Our response on the game plan to help make that transition would be a series of potentially valuable IT certifications.

A degree will certainly help you along your path, particularly if you decide to supplement it with a logical next step towards a Master's of Business Administration (MBA). And certainly, your prior experience with project management in a variety of areas is excellent preparation for the transition from a role as a technical contributor and project manager to a role as a technical manager.

Of the certifications you've already earned, only the ITIL V3 Foundation is relevant and it's just the first step in a chain of ITIL credentials you'll want to traverse through the various specialist items at the intermediate level to Managing Across the Lifecycle (which is, in our opinion, one thing you should set as a target in the next year or two), and then onto expert and master level qualifications for ITIL from there.

In addition, we would strongly urge you to begin pursuit of the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification immediately. You can find lots of ways to pursue this credential, including our classroom training and online courses or a wide variety of self-study materials.
Earning a PMP Certification will definitely help to enhance your project management employment potential and also enable you to increase your earnings by as much as 20%. PMP is currently one of the most popular and sought-after of all the "soft skills" IT-related certifications. Should you have further questions, please do contact us

We hope you find this information useful and informative. Best of luck in your quest for personal and professional development. 

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