Monday, 20 March 2017

"Six Sigma - Key benefits"

Six Sigma, originally developed by Motorola has become an all-around standard present in almost every large business organization. Six Sigma’s overall success has produced a new market wherein there is one more opportunity for career growth.

The fundamental reason why some organizations and individuals choose to pay and spend time to undergo such training will be the topic of this article. This write-up will help you take a knowledgeable decision and check to see if Six Sigma is something you wish to seriously consider for you or your company. After successful completion of training, your Six Sigma Certification could easily translate to a job promotion or a hike in salary.

Some of the key benefits that you should know…

# Appropriate use of resources: Enrolling with us in this training can show your employees how to utilize resources much better than before. This knowledge will help reduce the cost of operations, materials and saves time. This means a better performing workforce as well as increase in customer satisfaction.

# Boosts Employee Satisfaction: Six sigma training doubles employee confidence as they are trained on new skills that can be easily used and put together in the workplace. This also helps multiply their marketability.

# Increases company reputation: The verbal news of companies offering training to employees can dribble down from the managers down to the junior employees and ultimately to their peers. This could convert into more potential candidates willing to be a part of your workforce/organization.

# Increase in shareholder faith/confidence: This could translate to more confidence in shareholders, if a company that they partially own is doing great. This can lead to more budgetary allocations and is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

# Business alliances improve: Organizations that deal with other companies, who have implemented the Six Sigma program can certainly see the improved services of such companies. This can bolster them to have long term business relationships that can speak well of both companies. The six sigma tools and theories could rub off onto other companies which can lead them to follow suit by implementing Six Sigma training.


While these key benefits can surely justify an investment in training, there are some things that you should always keep in mind. Experts in this field suggest that: Instead of having only black belt or master black belts in a company, one should have a variety of lower Six Sigma belts including Green and Yellow as well. While they are not as skilled as the black belts, the cost and time savings brought about by the involvement of the green and yellow belts can produce instant results that can translate to the above five key benefits defined in this write-up.

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