Thursday, 23 March 2017

Why Is “PMP certification” worth 20% hike in salary?

Why is it that this PMP certification carries such weight in organizations and companies? Our senior training faculty has to say this - “Project management is a way of doing things. It’s because it codifies what a project manager is and how a project manager works”. The PMP gives you a framework.

There are 5 phases of a project, which anyone with a PMP certification will know how to perform, irrespective of organization and industry he or she works for.

Initiating a project: The project manager should ideally play an active role in the initiation and prep work for any project before kick-off.

Planning: A PMP project manager will know how to take a critical look at the project from the beginning and throughout its lifecycle and request the appropriate resources such as people or equipment.

Executing: This is where the work begins and gets done. The project manager will guide the team through accomplishing project tasks and hitting milestones.

Controlling and monitoring: Change will affect every project. The PMP teaches project managers how to keep project deliverables on track and how to adjust course, if things change.

Closing: The project manager delivers the assets of a project to the stakeholders or clients, wraps up the budget and does any necessary follow-up.

Since PMP certification ensures that a project manager knows what needs to happen in each of these five phases to ensure consistent delivery of a project on time and on budget, the certification has earned its value, say our expert panel of trainers.

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